What a summer! The greatest emotionality, the most authentic atmosphere and the most memorable encounters, still brings the live experience on site. And with presence it certainly continues in the fall and winter – with everything that goes with it.

Talking shop together, discussing, celebrating, eating, toasting and looking each other in the eye. We all know that feels pretty darn good.

On the dance floor at the concert or on the way to the conference room – being able to see and experience friends and colleagues not only from head to shoulder, but from head to toe.
Also sometimes during congresses leave the professional, talk about hobbies or other personal . This is much easier in genuine togetherness. 
Play it safe with hybrid option and digital extension and have it ready as a backup to the live event. Infrastructure, good concepts and the best technology in hardware and software are available for use. From live streaming to studio set-up to digital event platform and fantastic extended reality options.
The right decision is to make a decision now.
Everything is still in it. No matter how big, no matter where, no matter how – find planning-safe time slots together now to make events in presence possible this fall and winter. Secure an appointment and clarify any uncertainties – simply contact us here.

Lust On Live Form



What type of event should be planned now to achieve the communication goals? That’s what many are wondering right now. What we think about this is now clear. And most importantly, no choice is wrong! However, if it is a little more complicated, we will be happy to advise and support you.


We all know the benefits of hybrid and online events. Even if we love live, a digital extension or backup plan can be useful. For studio live productions but also pre-productions we therefore offer the complete technology at your location, the BETTER NOW STUDIOS and the SUPEROOM XR.