Project visualization – this is what it looks like

Does the visual axis, the spatial structure, the camera image work or is wood the right material after all? Sometimes it takes more than a functional drawing and personal imagination. Sometimes it takes a comprehensive image. Sometimes it takes an impression and a feeling.

For agencies, artists, planning offices and companies. In special and set construction, lighting, stage and event design.

We invite you to use visualizations for projects and would like to provide an initial overview of their benefits and workflow.


A process becomes visible


We support the project process at AMBION as required in the offer phase and pre-production. We provide creative input and output for your technical planning process from a design perspective for conceptualisation, communication and technical planning and ensure appealing communication.

Good communication



Good planning, good communication. Once a project reaches a certain level of complexity, optimised coordination processes are of great importance. These are often dynamic and go beyond a specific location, time and decision-maker. For project participants, visualisations often form the basis of their internal coordination processes.

Visualisations make project processes transparent, communicable and complex relationships quickly understandable and assessable.

They serve as a decision-making aid, provide certainty and facilitate communication and decision-making. They are the status of decisions made and a good way of correcting them at the right time.

Directly on the topic



And with creativity right in the centre. Our in-house workflow with its established interfaces and short paths allows us to react quickly, flexibly and efficiently to the often dynamic project requirements. This is not a matter of course and pays tribute to AMBION’s performance as a project partner.

Expertise in design and communication, many years of visualisation experience and a direct line to the project managers present aesthetically and functionally high-quality planning results.

These are an expression of design, technology and communication expertise and strengthen the external image of the contributors.


New perspectives.


Aesthetics and function. Always AMBION. The dialogue between technology and design is exciting and inspiring, provides impetus for the project and explores the limits of what is possible.

And this dialogue is more dynamic than ever thanks to the digital transformation. Digital twins, cloud streaming, AI and collaborative multi-user technologies with photorealistic renderings on smart end devices are giving “digital construction data” a whole new significance in the value chain.

The creative and technical examination of planning and construction data in the digital project process enables new applications and formats at the boundary of physical and digital space for the industry.

Übersetzter Text

And off we go



AMBION planning and producing the next event? Good idea! The project managers are on the subject. We wish you a relaxed project, an impressive presentation and a successful event.

Any questions about the topic and our visualisations? – No problem at all. Simply get in touch.