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Under the slogan “Wishing for the future”, the German drugstore company dm-drogerie markt celebrated its 50th anniversary in a string of events over a period of eight weeks. In six cities, including Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg, and most recently at the company’s headquarters in Karlsruhe, dm employees were invited to celebrate their company’s anniversary together. In a speech at one of the events, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz offered congratulations to the company and its employees.

In each city, the employee festival consisted of three parts: first, an in-house exhibition with dm partners such as Procter & Gamble, Nivea or NO Cosmetics; second, a dm area with interactive stands of the drugstore chain, and finally, a large stage for the show programme.

We were responsible for the technical implementation of all areas. This included the rigging as well as the lighting, sound and media technology for the various exhibition stands in the exhibition area, plus the entire range of event technology used at the main stage – set and stage construction, LED wall, and camera technology included.



Photo: Sebastian Heck

Photo: Sebastian Heck

Six times setting up, six times dismantling. Five to 14 trailers of material. A trade fair on tour, so to speak – definitely an exciting concept, but not without challenges for our logistics. Of course, we mastered it with flying colours!


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