When Haiyti, Haftbefehl, Bazzazian and Amazon Music join forces, the result can’t help but be special. Proof of this was the latest track RBM (Amazon Original), which was promoted through various short film-like clips on social media and a making-of on the Amazon Music YouTube channel.
The special thing: RBM (Amazon Original) was the first German rap song produced specifically for 3D audio. Listening to the track on headphones, it feels like Hafti and Haiyti are standing right next to you with Bazzazian’s beats playing over a rich dynamic sound system.

Of course, this also required the appropriate image worlds. It was clear that only our SUPEROOM XR would come into question for the worlds created by PFA Studios. So Hayiti, Haftbefehl and the complete crew visited the SUPEROOM and realised recordings for various video clips for the song. The result: Mega videos + mega sound

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