OSFA – One Size Fits All
The flexible tribune table system for broadcast and media desks. It perfectly fits like a glove to different stadium architectures and the stands in height and depth. Simple to construct – Ready for use in 10 minutes, with two tools and four hands. Check it out …

Cick and drag. Zoom in and out. Discover the top features like manually adjustable legs, easy anchoring into existing bores, two cable channels for separate routing, protective earthing (PE) conductor, removable acoustic separators, flexible commentary camera holder, pleasant, removable and anodised aluminium layer, ethernet switch holder, tongue-and-groove platform system to connect and extend to additional tables and many more.



  • Optimized logistics
  • Low personnel effort
  • High level of stability
  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Fast setup and dismantling
  • Low impact on surrounding materials
  • Excellent safety characteristics (high flame resistance + PE connection)
  • Minimal interference with existing infrastructure
  • Quick access to the installed technical infrastructure
  • Available as a two- or three-seater table
  • Front and side panels can be used for design elements 
  • Contemporary design

Put to the test at more than
30 stadiums across Europe

Each OSFA leg can be manually adapted to the architectural situation. Different heights can thus be perfectly compensated.

Due to the overlay of the L-profile, the desk can be adjusted to the possible depth of the architectural situation. 

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