If the technical solution for a given event idea does not yet exist on the market, then we develop new technologies and products to fill such gaps. These carry the name AMBRAIN. These AMBRAIN products feature exceedingly high-quality workmanship and with their sleek and simple designs can be integrated into any event look. The AMBRAIN product offerings range from loudspeaker stands, to light and display stands, to conference furniture such as electrically adjustable lecterns, lecterns with front displays, chairman tables or bridge tables with integrated displays.

AMBRAIN Light Stand

The stand with an integrated lighting element can be used in a wide variety of situations. As a buffet stele or additional spatial or functional lighting source. The four spotlights can be freely positioned with 360-degree adjustment in inclination and rotation, making indirect lighting also possible. The cable routing is internal and thus concealed. The stand is available in a height of 2 or 2.5 meters. The base dimensions are 59.5 x 59.5 cm. Two material finishes are available: aluminum or anodized black. The lighting element is finished in a discreet matte black RAL 9005.

On the road with smartphone or tablet? Then simply open the AMBRAIN Light Stand as an AR object.

AMBRAIN Speaker _ Light Stand

This stand is ideally suited for supporting loudspeaker and lighting systems The cable routing is integrated internally. The stand is 1.8 meters high, and the base is 65 x 65 cm. The material is black anodized aluminum.

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AMBRAIN Universal Movinglight Stand

The stand for mounting a moving light has a load capacity of up to 30 kg, the cable routing is internal, and the stand is available in two heights of 2.0 m and 2.5 m. The base dimensions are 1 x 1 m. The stand is made of silver anodized aluminum.

AMBRAIN Display Stand

The stand can accommodate a display weighing up to 50 kg and is freely adjustable in its height. The cable routing is internal, and the stand is approximately 2 m high. The base dimensions are 60 x 80 cm. The stand is made of aluminum.

AMBRAIN SpeakerDesk TV40

Speaking well – with the SpeakerDesk TV40 featuring an integrated 40” front display for showing the event logo, graphics or other images. The SpeakerDesk TV40 is available in black or white. An optional 15” touch screen is also available for the speaker.

AMBRAIN Corian W Speaker eDesk

The electrically height-adjustable Corian W Speaker eDesk with an elegant design look and high-quality materials. At the front of the desk, it is possible to place a logo or event name.

AMBRAIN Chairman Table

A chairperson’s table for one or two persons with a black matte finish. The front displays can be used for showing a logo, names, job titles in the event design, animated graphics, etc. The AMBRAIN Chairman Table can also be equipped with a touch screen for display control.

AMBRAIN Bridge Table

The AMBRAIN Bridge Table for talks and moderations comes with two integrated displays as preview monitors. The Bridge Table is 2 meters wide and 1.10 meter high. The 70 cm depth gives enough space for moderation cards, manuscripts and the obligatory glass of water. With the extra matte finish in white, the standing bridge has a particularly noble look. Optionally, the front can also be faced with a white infill surface.