23.5 million pixels. 22 tonnes total weight. 1 TB control data. 80 shows. The robots were at it again. Together with CUEBOT, we caused quite a stir among the spectators for Siemens at the Hannover Messe.
When 4 robots with 4 LED walls “in their hands” move horizontally, vertically and in all possible directions and another large LED wall forms the background, the mobile phone cameras are not far away. And not just for the spectators, but also for the technicians. Because this was a very special project.

The bidirectional communication between the media server, stageprecision and the CUEBOT control system was a challenge that our media crew gladly accepted. Three active and two backup Disguise servers ensured that the show ran smoothly. Just swapping a file? Then you’re looking at 300 GB. Figures that are utopian for anyone outside the media industry … A great project, the result of which also impressed us.

Stay tuned: There will be a few more in-depth insights into the project soon!

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