175 Years

of Siemens


Founded in 1847, the German company Siemens celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2022 as one of the most successful technology groups in the world. We second Chancellor Scholz in his congratulations “on 175 years in which Siemens has electrified, moved, connected and continually reinvented the world”.

We had the privilege to be present at the celebration in the Schaltwerk in Berlin-Siemensstadt and to provide for the festive atmosphere. In 5 days of construction, a 360° experience was created for the ballroom.

Altogether the full production featured:


  • Fifteen 20,000 lumen projectors
  • 650 sqm of projection surface with double-sided projection
  • Disguise media server
  • 180 m heavy duty pre-rig
  • 750 m normal trussing
  • 300 spotlights
  • Sound equipment from CODA Audio for the voice sound system
  • 16 free-standing LED steles, specially made by our workshop
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