Hans Christian Andersen is Denmark’s most famous writer and poet; his fairy tales are known far beyond the country’s borders. Andersen’s life work has now once again been honoured with a festival bearing his name in Odense and in an unusual and colorful interpretation of his famous silhouettes. The mapping and dance performance entitled “House of Wonder” has thrilled some 350,000 visitors in the meantime

We made our contribution to the performance under the creative direction of Battle Royale Studios and with fabulous support from Chris Moylan (lighting design), Deimos Virgillito (composer and sound design), and Duncan McDade (motion design):


  • 6 shows in 3 days
  • Playback of the mapping via media server
  • 3-fold tandem softedge projection
  • Sound system for the whole area
  • Illumination of the main stage and parking areas with outdoor spotlights

Photo: Chris Moylan / optikalusion

Photo: Rudi Buhl

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