Photo: Achim Reissner

In a 3-day team workshop, PERI and its top management worked out the routes for the future. We were there and were able to create a great workshop atmosphere together with the Hamburg agency

This included a 360 degree center stage including a suitable traverse circle as well as lighting, sound and media technology. As always, there was the best sound quality with our CODA products, moving lights for dynamic lighting moods and four projections to do justice to the 360-degree concept. All in a well thought-out setup for versatile use of the space.

The event took place in the workshop stage of the Bregenz Festspielhaus, giving us access to a top event infrastructure. The existing building technology was the perfect complement to our equipment and resulted in a very effective setup.

All in all, a great event with a well thought-out concept and professional implementation made by GmbH, including top technical planning by TFN Planungsbüro. Thanks to the Festspielhaus for the extremely hospitable atmosphere.

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