Our OSFA is already in the final. Combining technology with ingenious designs and thinking, planning and implementing our own products for events is exactly our thing. For example, our AMBRAIN product line with speaker and lighting steles or smart functional furnitures.

With the One-Size-Fits-All Broadcast & Media Desk – OSFA for short – we have also recently developed a temporary table system that can fit into the different stand architecture of any stadium around the world.

For soccer, handball, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, football or athletic events. If press, radio and broadcast coverage and therefore many media desks are required, OSFA can create new workstations or expand the existing ones many times over temporarily and quickly. And so the system will be available in very large numbers at every European Championship match in ten stadiums in Germany over the next few weeks. It will of course also be present at the final in Berlin on July 14.

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