Photo: Tim Hoppe

The OMR (Online Marketing Rockstars) is a festival of superlatives. The numbers speak for themselves: Almost 3,000 meters of trusses, 1,200 spotlights, 100+ speakers, a total of 25 trailers of material – we installed all of this at the Hamburg Messe exhibition campus.

This year, we were able to handle several areas at the largest European festival for online marketing. These included the entire Hall A3 with the Yellow Stage, the Crew Catering and Crew Management. Here we were able to contribute our part to the overall effort in the disciplines of rigging, lighting, sound and media technology.

In addition to this, the OMR area and the Speakers Lounge on the first floor of Hall B1 were also realized by us. This involved lots of set construction as well as creative lighting design, sound engineering and media technology. On this basis, the OMR house brands Podstars, OMR Education, OMR-Reviews, among others, were able to present themselves to the public in the best possible way.

Besides these areas, we were also providing technical support for various booths in the Premium Expo halls.

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