Photo: David Hennen

Dark Tenor combines classical music with new lyrics and melodies from pop. His fans love him above all for his approachability and his passion for music, which he skillfully conveys from the stage to the audience. For 10 years now, this musician has been on the road sharing his crossover music on the stages of Germany.

We have had the honour of accompanying him throughout this time and providing him with event technology to facilitate unforgettable concert experiences. Once again on this anniversary tour, we were there giving the Dark Tenor our full support. On the one hand this involved lighting technology, with gear from Ayrton and GLP, on the other hand sound technology using CODA Audio equipment. Rigging, hazers and fans, fiber-optic infrastructure, microphones for all instruments and a “riser world” for the bandmates, specially made by our set construction department, completed the setup.

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