How loud is quiet? How little is more? With these and other questions in mind, we sent the guests of the 6zbf anniversary event into our white cube installation in Cafe Moskau. The reduced space within the space swallowed up all sound and thus became an acoustically exciting phenomenon, which was reinforced visually and in terms of perspective by titanium tubes and mirrors.

A real contrast was provided by the other lounge areas with LED dancefloor and lots of light and sound technology, where the atmosphere was cheerful, culinary, loud and colourful until late at night. Fitting for the milestone birthday of 6 pretty best friends. We had fun presenting our work from two very different angles.

Of course, the other 5 friends – AXICA Eventlocation, Cafe Moskau + TEC Event Campus, Hoflieferanten Berlin and Rent.Group + Stilgerecht – were also at the start. Together we have once again created a well-rounded event.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

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